Welcome to the future of payments.

Introducing the DIGITAL DOLLAR!

From the early days of Bitcoins huge success we have been focused on creating a stable monetary cryptocurrency eco-system which is the main reason our team have created USD-D a fast, reliable STABLE Coin, USD-D is pegged to the current amount of USD in circulation, We are offering 1.85 Trillion USD-D To pre-distribution users the remaining balances will be spread between USD holders and BTC holders at the time of public launch (01/01/2021)

Global Institutional Use

  • The USD Is already globally recognized which will allow for USD-D to fit in place like it was always here! We are in the age of digital innovations all of which have been lacking any monetary upgrades until 2020.

Medium Of Exchange

  • USD-D Has created a stable coin that is actually backed by physical cash flow so we can guarantee a medium of exchange which will peg the USD-D coin at $1.00

Real Time Usage

  • The Digital Dollar is the first stable coin that can be purchased and sold using FIAT which allows real time usage within the private and retail sectors.

STRONG Fraud Prevention

  • Our team are dedicated to the highest level of security, with over 7 layers of fraud prevention USD-D is very secure. Our team do have the ability to reverse transactions if you have had you have been a victim of fraud.

Using a new and fresh approach to pegged coins we are using a proof of stake to allow interest growth naturally while sustaining a reliable and stable priced coin which will be pegged at $1.00 on ALL exchanges majority will replace USD-T with USD-D or they will run along side each other on major exchanges depending on the exchanges decision.

The Digital Dollar Mobile Application is a fast, secure and convenient way of banking. With the world on the move it's vitally important to have your money on the go. Our unique USD-D wallet comes packed full of features to help you manage your finances better from our account scoring to summarization of your incoming and outgoing payments you can manage your finances with ease. Security is one of our highest priorities users can find some very innovative security features including the unique account hash ID which works as a "Private key" to allow hard ownership of your funds.

Want to beta test our wallet?

All users who hold 10,000+ USD-D Will be opted in for beta testing when available

How do we allocate USD-D